Customer Service was Amazing!

The software is user friendly. The software was easy to set up and navigate. There are a lot of sections that would benefit different areas of the school. It is priced fairly for the amount of product you receive.

great customer service today

I like the Procare software b/c if is very easy to use and their customer service is very friendly and always provides great service that is efficient.

Procare is very easy to use

It is very easy to use and keeps my center organized. I also love that parents can check in and out using fingerprints.

Easy and reliable daycare billing system

Parents love the system, cut billing time tremendously, so much easier to keep track of roll and billing. The reports are easy to print and access. Has made my job as administrator so much easier.

We are a licensed preschool and childcare facility that has used the software daily for many years.

ProCare’s versatility is extremely impressive. We use this application for students and staff alike as our sign in station and communication tool. This helps us track student and staff attendance down the day and minute which is invaluable to grant reporting, payroll and tuition reimbursements. ProCare also has many useful faucets for early childhood organizations, such as behavior tracking, immunization records, emergency contacts and other pertinent information…

We have used Tuition Express monthly for processing payments for many years.

As a Director of a multi-site Preschool and Childcare facility, Tuition Express allows a since of ease and security when processing multiple payments. I am able to process bulk payments at once or process one at a time set at preferred dates. I really appreciate the fact that parents can elect to participate in Tuition Express on a monthly basis, changing payment methods at any time without being penalized. This also helps to ensure…

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