We use Procare at our Child Care Center

The ease of use. I love the ease of the Sign in/out process. Once parents and approved adults are fingerprinted, we know they are approved to pick up kids. I love it that once parents sign in, I can generate several reports for by CEO.

We are a licensed preschool and childcare facility that has used the software daily for many years.

ProCare’s versatility is extremely impressive. We use this application for students and staff alike as our sign in station and communication tool. This helps us track student and staff attendance down the day and minute which is invaluable to grant reporting, payroll and tuition reimbursements. ProCare also has many useful faucets for early childhood organizations, such as behavior tracking, immunization records, emergency contacts and other pertinent information…

Over all my experience is very positive. I would recommend Procare to any one in a school.

Saves time and makes billing, collections and time sheets for payroll much easier. With the Cloud based Procare, I can work from home. Also, I never have to worry about getting the back-up done. I also really like the billing process and the statements that I can create for parents. I could never get QuickBooks to produce the statements that I really needed.


Can access all my centers from anywhere The time card integration Easy to send messages to costumers and employees.

Excelent customer service

Online ability feature/ synchronization. Been able to access the program over the internet from anywhere.

One of the customer reps is very knowledgeable and helpful. Couldn’t have gone better!

Being able to keep track of each piece of information all in one place. It is organized in a way that I can learn to manage finances with support and if I’m overwhelmed I can simply call and watch someone with knowledge take the wheel and help me through. The cloud feature is great so I can work from somewhat if I’m in a bind with a sick child and the parents appreciate being able to handle their payments online…

ProCare Program & Staff

I cant say enough great things about the staff at Pro Care. We had a disaster hit our computer system, which destroyed everything (before we got on Pro Care Cloud), but all of the support tech team, worked overtime on helping us retrieve our data, and I do mean a lot of hours! We couldn’t retrieve all of the data, but I assure you, every effort was made to do so, and that is what meant so much to us. We highly recommend this program and…

Always Pleased

Even if issues arise, Procare ALWAYS gets things done with quality and politeness. Our families love it too…

LOVE Procare

I have been using procare for several years. I’ve had many other owners tell me about their childcare mgmt software and how much they pay monthly. With procare it is a one time pmt. love love love!!!

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