great customer service today

I like the Procare software b/c if is very easy to use and their customer service is very friendly and always provides great service that is efficient.

Whenever I have a problem the support is very helpful.

It is easy to use and usually makes sense when starting something new. I like how things are set up so I only have to type a few things and my information or needs pop up. I was recently very thankful for the help of the support team when we lost all of our information due to a computer problem. They have worked very hard to help me with all of the problems that have arisen due to the crash.

Awesome Tech support.

It can keep track of the immunizations. It alerts us when immunizations are going to expire. Tracking and changing classrooms is a breeze.

Procare is an easy to use accounting software for Child Care/Preschool Centers.

This software provides our facility with accounting capabilities and child/staff scheduling. This software is user friendly. Procare has wonderful on-line tools to help you with any questions you may have, and their customer support goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend this program for Child Care/Preschool Centers.

My experience with cust support rep was out of this world. He is seriously the best.

Thanks to cust support rep, I know a lot more about what Procare has to offer. For instance, I had no idea that Procare offered Agency Accounting. This is something I have a hard time dealing with. I told Benji my issues and he showed me exactly how to manage those specific accounts. We didn’t have this feature, but I purchased it immediately after Benji explained it. Learning more and more each day.

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