very easy to use

I like that it is easy to use. You really get your moneys worth with this software. I like that it generates things for you, less work!

Great Tech Support

It’s essential to running my business. The procare software is very robust and the technical support is great for answering any/all questions.

Always very pleased to get help when needed. The response time is very quick.

Maintaining excellent records for the daycare on a daily basis. Very easy to move around the different modules. If I don’t remember how to do a task, Procare Tech is a phone call away and will go through the steps one at a time. Through the years they have been very professional and personal with my concerns. We have had Procare since 2001.

My question was answered quickly

Monitoring my check-in and out for families and staff from my laptop anywhere. All of the different places you can find the answers to your questions. The support desk is very helpful. The Book that comes with the program is well written and shows you the steps you need to implement something. It is exactly what i wanted for my center.

great customer service today

I like the Procare software b/c if is very easy to use and their customer service is very friendly and always provides great service that is efficient.

Whenever I have a problem the support is very helpful.

It is easy to use and usually makes sense when starting something new. I like how things are set up so I only have to type a few things and my information or needs pop up. I was recently very thankful for the help of the support team when we lost all of our information due to a computer problem. They have worked very hard to help me with all of the problems that have arisen due to the crash.

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