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The team at Tuition Express were incredibly helpful in getting my center set up on Tuition Express. The implementation of Tuition Express was easy! We had been using Square to process credit/debit card transactions. Tuition Express is faster for the families, saves me time because I don’t need to put the payment into the ledger card, and saves the center money! We decided to make Tuition Express an option available unless payment was late 2 times. We had almost half our families sign up for Tuition Express in the first month of having it available. As director I love Tuition Express because I don’t need to follow up on payments any longer. The families that I would need to pursue for payment are either on Tuition Express or pay on time now so that payments aren’t automatically withdrawn. I have more time to focus on the care of the children, and the bank account has never been better. A win-win for me!

Karen H.

Fruitland Park, FL

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Here at Procare, we pride ourselves in having knowledgeable and caring support staff to help you has you begin using our software, services and hardware solutions to streamline your everyday. Our team is dedicated to providing our users with amazing support, training and tools to take full advantage of the Procare Family of child care solutions. Live webinars are held by knowledgeable Procare instructors and we have dedicated a whole website towards articles, tips and video instructions are here to help.