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Agency Accounting

Agency Payments

Agency Accounting Software for Child Care, Day Care, Preschool

Manage Payments from State & County Agencies

Manage payments from agencies like DHS, DFACS, DCFS, Head Start and similar programs for subsidized child care, daycare and preschool programs. You'll know how much is owed from each family and agency and easily monitor outstanding balances from prior months.

Agency Payment Tracking

When used with Family Data and Family Accounting the Agency Accounting module applies payments received to fees for specific children and families.
  • Track Agency Fees separate from Family Co-pays
  • Apply Agency Payments to Specific Fees for Each Child
  • Monitor Past Due Balances
  • Print Agency Balance and Aging Reports
  • Write-Off Unpaid Fees or Transfer to Parent
  • Track Child Contract by Agency
  • Store Agency Documents in Electronic Format for Each Family
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