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Daily operations, accounting practices, collecting staff and student information and communication.

Pros: ProCare’s versatility is extremely impressive. We use this application for students and staff alike as our sign in station and communication tool. This helps us track student and staff attendance down the day and minute which is invaluable to grant reporting, payroll and tuition reimbursements. ProCare also has many useful faucets for early childhood organizations, such as behavior tracking, immunization records, emergency contacts and other pertinent information. As a Director that is responsible for all billing, income collection, and taxes, one of the most useful and irreplaceable aspects is the Family and Agency Accounting sections as well as Tuition Express. These areas are key to making sure we stay on top of our financial health. I honestly cannot say how phenomenal this software is. The substantial amounts of report types are endless and extremely helpful in all areas of running and producing a professional preschool and child care facility. We are also a two site facility and switching to ProCare Cloud has been the best monthly investment.

Cons: Interfacing software with our Website and Facebook Page. We recieve a lot of traffic through these sites and we would love to be able to collect date straight to ProCare through these web resources.

Amanda C.

Tillamook, OR

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Here at Procare, we pride ourselves in having knowledgeable and caring support staff to help you has you begin using our software, services and hardware solutions to streamline your everyday. Our team is dedicated to providing our users with amazing support, training and tools to take full advantage of the Procare Family of child care solutions. Live webinars are held by knowledgeable Procare instructors and we have dedicated a whole website towards articles, tips and video instructions are here to help.