Tuition Express® Pricing

Fast Tuition Collection – Next Day Funding

Starting at $18.50 / month*

Fast Tuition Collection N
Bank-to-Bank Transfers N
Payments at Check-in N
Online & Mobile Payments N
Batch Payment Processing N
Next Day Funding N
Payments Automatically Post to Procare N
No-PCI Fee N
Card Reader ($65 value) FREE
Credit Card Rates as low as 0.95%
One-Time Account Setup Fee** $195.00 (each additional site $65)
Tuition Express Monthly Account Maintenance Fee $18.50

* Monthly Maintenance fees will be deducted on the 1st business day of each month. Monthly Maintenance Fee is applied to the month in which it is taken out. Monthly fee includes both ACH & Credit Card accounts.

** Account Set Up Fee covers all costs associated with the application process including, but not limited to, merchant services agreement processing and set up of ACH & Credit Card services.

Schedule of Charges
Per Item Fee – ACH
Transaction fees charged for each ACH item
Per Item Fee – Credit Cards
Transaction fees charged for each credit card item
Credit Card Rates Rates as low as 0.95%
Return Item
(i.e., sponsor has an NSF, closed account, etc.)
Center Return Item
(i.e., center has an NSF, closed account, etc.)
Notification of Change(NOC) Fee $3.50
Transmission Fee FREE
Software Maintenance Fee FREE

† Should the center have insufficient funds in their account when Tuition Express attempts to debit said account for fees owed to Tuition Express, a $25.00 surcharge will be assessed to cover NSF and related fees.

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Pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Tuition Express
Tuition Express

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5 Star Customer Review

Customer Reviews

Karen H.
Fruitland Park, FL

The team at Tuition Express were incredibly helpful in getting my center set up on Tuition Express. The implementation of Tuition Express was easy! We had been using Square to process credit/debit card transactions. Tuition Express is faster for the families, saves me time because I don’t need to put the payment into the ledger card, and saves the center money!

We decided to make Tuition Express an option available unless payment was late 2 times. We had almost half our families sign up for Tuition Express in the first month of having it available. As director I love Tuition Express because I don’t need to follow up on payments any longer. The families that I would need to pursue for payment are either on Tuition Express or pay on time now so that payments aren’t automatically withdrawn. I have more time to focus on the care of the children, and the bank account has never been better. A win-win for me!

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