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Family Data Procare Software Module

Family Data

Maintain All Family and Child Information
Includes 2 Seats

  • Registration info, emergency contacts, authorized pickups
  • Immunizations and child scheduling
  • Photos of children, parents and contacts
  • Flexible reporting feature


Family Accounting Procare Software Module

Family Accounting

Detailed Management of Center Revenue

  • One-step autobilling function
  • Receipts, deposit reports, aging, year end statements
  • Detailed ledger provides quick access to revenue owed
  • Process credit card and online payments with Tuition Express┬«


Agency Accounting Procare Software Module

Agency Accounting

Advanced Management of Agency Payments

  • Track third-party billing separately from parent co-pay
  • Apply payments directly to invoices
  • Determine outstanding fees due
  • Report by child contract


Attemdance Tracker Procare Software Module

Attendance Tracker

Time and Attendance for Children
Includes 1 Seat

  • Unique ID Code per authorized pick-up
  • Track child attendance for billing
  • Calculate child to staff attendance ratio (Requires Employee Data)


Meal Tracking Procare Software Module

Meal Tracker

Generate Menus and Calculate Meals Served

  • Track family eligibility and reimbursement rate
  • Create menus for parents
  • Report meals served/claimed


Activity Manager Procare Software Module

Activity Manager

Track Child Activities, Camps, Programs

  • Create day camps, after school sessions, activities
  • Manage sign-ups, class size and fees
  • Assign activities per child or to many children
  • Track prerequisites for gymnastics, soccer, etc.


Meal Tracking Procare Software Module

Employee Data

Maintain Employee Information

  • Record employee schedules, pay rate, time card hours by department and work area
  • Track employee hours for payroll
  • Track training, vacation and sick time
  • Be notified of required trainings due
  • Maintain employee logs


Payroll Procare Software Module


Calculate and Print Payroll Checks


  • Salary or hourly payroll calculation
  • Automatically determine payroll
  • Calculates all tax and withholdings
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • W2 printing with year-end disk


Expenses & Ledger Procare Software Module

Expenses & Ledger

Maintain Record of Expenses and Comprehensive Financial Reporting

  • Maintain vendor lists and expenses
  • Print Accounts Payable checks
  • Cash or accrual accounting
  • Create budgets, profit/loss, balance sheets and checkbook reconciliation May Require Other Accounting Modules


Financing Options Available, call for more details: 800-338-3884

Easily upgrade to our full version of Procare Software when you reach your 60 family limit. You only pay the difference!

Seat: Active Connection to Procare

A seat represents an active connection to Procare, which is any time a user is logged into the Procare system. The Family Data program provides two seat connections and Attendance Tracker provides one seat connection. All check in stations are considered an active connection.

Extra seats (if needed) are available for a one time purchase fee of $195.

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5 Star Customer Review

Customer Reviews

Nicole S.
Stuart, FL

This is the best software have come across as of yet. We you first here the price please don’t let the turn you away. I have a small center and we were able to payments that was not overly priced, that fit our budget.

The program does every thing for you from attendance sheet, parents check in, credit card payments, shot records, daily role sheets, letter to parents, and many many more.

The customer service is superb they are will to help with ANYTHING from the smallest to largest, call you and ask if you need help with anything, and the sells reps. (Shelley) will not sell you anything you don’t need!

This program does everything but run the center for you!

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