All-in-one Computer

True-flat screen and space saving design allows for placement of your check-in system where you need it. Built in wireless capability allows for integration in your environment without running lengthy cables.

Enhanced with Procare’s advanced security features such as Card Swipe ID and Biometric ID Pad, only authorized pick up people are able to check children in and out.

  • Biometric Fingerprint ID Pad
  • EMV (Chip Card Reader) – Activation Coming Soon
  • MSR (Magnetic Card Swipe)
  • Superior Durablity
  • Full Color Touch Screen
  • Versatile Wall/Counter Mount

$1,295 + S&H

USB Mouse and Keyboard (not supplied)

You must supply your own USB mouse and keyboard for installation and setup. Windows includes an on-screen keyboard that may be used in lieu of a physical keyboard.

Installation: No CD Drive

When you install Procare you’ll notice the touch computers do not have a CD drive. You’ll need to do one of the following:

  • Share a CD drive from another computer on your network, or
  • Copy the contents of the Procare CD to a USB drive, or
  • Connect an external USB CD drive (not supplied) to the touch computer.

Third Party Vendor

Touch computers are shipped from a third party vendor – not through Procare. Any warranty related issues must be handled through the vendor.

NOTE: Customer supplies additional range extending equipment if needed

Specs and Features
Operating System Windows 10 IOT 2016 Microsoft’s latest operating system
CPU Intel Quad Core 2.0GHz CPU
Hard Drive 64G Solid State Drive No moving parts, generates less heat
Screen Type Capacitive Touch
EMV (Chip Card Reader) Yes Up to date with current credit card compliance
MSR (Magnetic Card Swipe) Yes Use for Check In or payments
Biometric Finger Print ID Yes Proof-positive Check In identification
Warranty 3 Year Parts and Labor
Wifi 802.11a/c Increased range and connection quality

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Customer Reviews

Mary Christine S.
Merced, CA

We have used Procare Child Care Management system for over 3 years now and are very pleased with it. We mainly use it for the check-in system, time clock, and records keeping. It is efficient and useful.

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