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MyProcare is the latest innovation from Procare Software. This new online parent portal offers an engaging experience for families, improves communication and increases center efficiency.

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MyProcare Online Parent Portal

*Additional fees for optional Parent Engagement will be published at time of release.

MyProcare Parent Portal

Now Available

Interactive Parent Portal

  • Available on any computer, tablet & phone through Procare Cloud
  • Families can view and update their contact information
  • Access to child immunization status
  • Easy access for parents to view child info
  • Reduces time spent on center administration

Online Registration & Waiting list

  • New Parents can register through a link on your site
  • Choose to enroll children or place them on your waiting list
  • Centers can customize registration questions
  • Less paperwork with integration into Procare

Mobile Payments with Tuition Express

  • Parents can pay from anywhere
  • View account balances, recent payments & ledger history
  • Easily pay by credit or debit card
  • Integrated with Tuition Express
  • Convenient time-saver for parents & centers

Tuition Express

View Child Schedules & Time Cards

  • Families can view schedules
  • Review recent time card entries
  • Enable parent access to log notes
  • Reduces calls/questions about schedules & time cards

Parent Reports

  • Parents can print end-of-year tax summaries
  • Parents can choose dates and print statements

Planned Future Enhancements (Summer 2017) | Parent Engagement


Messaging - Summer 2017

  • Parents can send drop-off notes to teacher
  • Parents can comment on photos, videos, daily sheets
  • Staff can reply to comments

Daily Sheets, Photo, Video - Summer 2017

  • Teacher/staff makes daily sheet entries, sends for approval
  • Teacher can add photos/videos to daily sheets or post separately
  • Admin creates categories and handles approvals
  • Parent gets alerts when new items are available
  • Separate apps available for teachers and for parents

Classroom Management - Summer 2017

  • Check children in or transfer them to another room
  • Take roll calls / name-to-face counts throughout the day
  • Transfer teachers to other rooms to balance ratios

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MyProcare is an Exclusive Service of Procare Cloud

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Customer Reviews

Tracy M.
Sparks, NV

This software has helped to run my business for almost a decade. Tuition express has been the icing on the cake. The customer service is hands down the best I have had when implementing a new program. I had my hesitations changing was was comfortable but this has exceeded my expectations. I truly wish I would have done this sooner.

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