Credit Card Processing

Accept Credit Cards Affordably – Rates as low as .95%

We live in a credit card society.

Most people – most of your customers – carry more credit cards than cash. Tuition Express is the safest, most efficient and least expensive way for you to process credit cards and get more of your money on time, every time.

4 ways to accept credit cards with Tuition Express.

You have options and you choose which work best for you. Initiate recurring credit card payments from within Procare, let parents swipe cards at your director’s desk or at a check-in computer/payment kiosk. Online payments are also available. Offer any combination of the options; it’s up to you. Every payment processed posts automatically into Procare.

What fees are associated with credit cards?

Child care centers using Tuition Express average about 1.90%. Tuition Express is its own processor; this means you pay no third-party, middleman fees.

We do no-obligation comparisons every day. Contact us to see how much Tuition Express can save you.

Who pays the fees?

As consumers, we pay credit card fees every day. If you pay cash for a gallon of milk, you just paid credit card fees. The market has added its fees to the price of every gallon of milk. Build your fees into your tuition and fee structure. Call us (800-338-3884) to learn how to pass fees onto your customers.

Credit cards can pay for themselves.

Have you ever had a parent run up a balance and then disappear on you? It happens. By allowing parents to pay with credit cards, essentially letting them finance their child care with the card company, rather than you, large balances can be eliminated. Forever.

How safe is the card information?

Very safe. Tuition Express is a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. There is no safer way to process credit cards.

Adding credit card processing to your Tuition Express account is easy.

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Procare Software is a Registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha

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Customer Reviews

Linda G.
Plano, TX

I worked at another preschool for 20 years and did not have a program such as this. Processing monthly tuition was a nightmare. I would have to write it out, then got to typing all the monthly tuition and the parent’s credit card info. Too many mistakes were made. I started at the current place and found the credit card reader on my desk. I was a happy camper!

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