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Your Procare Update Includes:

Access to Online Updates

Each new release is just a few clicks away with your one-year subscription to the Procare Online Update Service. This service lets you download the latest version of Procare at any time, giving you unlimited access to new features, reports, enhancements and problem resolutions as they are released throughout the year. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Unlimited Toll-Free Support of Current Versions

By renewing your update subscription, you’ll ensure that you maintain a current version of Procare. All current versions offer unlimited, toll-free technical support for troubleshooting, problem resolution and answers to specific questions.

How do I qualify for a Free Update?

You can qualify for a free Update when you refer a friend to Procare – Learn more about our Referral Program or ask your Software Consultant for more information.


What is included in the annual Update?

Throughout the year, Procare is regularly updated to keep pace with technological advances in software development as well as the evolving needs of the childcare industry. Procare Updates include:

  • Exciting new features to improve daily childcare management
  • Overall system enhancements to optimize performance and speed
  • Technological enhancements to ensure Procare’s compatibility with newer computers and operating systems
  • Free, one year subscription to the Online Update Service allowing you to download the latest version of Procare at any time.
Why should I update?

The two reasons most people choose to maintain their update subscription are:

  1. For the latest features and enhancements included in each Online Update. New features are developed to assist you in running your business more efficiently. Other enhancements may include improvements to the overall operation of your system. Though some enhancements may not be obvious, your system may respond faster or work more smoothly. See: Release Notes for recent Versions of Procare.
  2. To take advantage of free and unlimited access to technical support. Our support staff will help guide you to answers to specific questions and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.
Do I have to update?

No. Updating your system is recommended and to your benefit, but not required.

Will I still receive free customer support if I don't buy an update?

No. Procare provides high quality, toll-free support for software that has been updated annually. Your success is important to us and we are committed to ensuring that you receive the maximum benefit from your software investment. However, in order to continue providing excellent support in a timely manner, we cannot support older versions. Far too many calls to our support department involve issues in early versions that have been addressed in recent updates.

How often should I update?

Updating once a year allows you to continue to receive toll free support. Each update also includes a free, one year subscription to the Online Update Service which gives you immediate access to the latest updates throughout the year, as they become available (requires an internet connection).

Can I update some locations, but not others? What if some locations have closed?

If you have multiple locations, every school on your network that retains historical data for auditing or reporting requires an update. If you wish to discontinue using a particular location, see Removing Data & Software Modules for how to proceed.

Do I need to pay separately to update each module?

No. The complete update, regardless of the number of modules you use includes every enhancement added to the system since your last purchased update.

How do I order an update?

The easiest way is by Placing Your Order Online which saves you $15 off the regular price. Orders by phone do not qualify for the online discount.

Is updating easy?

Absolutely! Complete, easy to understand instructions are included with your Update.

What will an update do to my data?

Nothing. Although it is always a good idea to make daily backups, your data will not be affected.

Are Free Updates Available?

Yes. When you sign up for Tuition Express, Procare’s electronic tuition collection service, you’ll receive a free update for one year (a $125 value). Family tuition payments are made from each parent’s bank account and deposited directly into yours. You may also choose to accept payment by debit or credit card.

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