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Jason Tarrant

Many thanks to Jason Tarrant for his great help and patience to me with Tuition Express. He was very patient and sincerely helped me in getting the billing set up for Tuition Express automatic payments, and also helping me with other questions I had regarding ProCare. He made sure that I understood everything with very clear instructions…

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Great tool

When my system is up and running, my experience is great. Unfortunately I have had several licensing and network issues lately and this makes for a not so great experience.

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Excellent customer service

I just got Procare under a month ago and I have been on the phone a number of times getting help. Everyone has been great. Josh, Shane and Michael have been very patient and helpful. Jodi was wonderful also as she helped me figure out what I needed for my school. Thank you!!

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Living with Procare

Their customer support is the best in business. After dealing with them everyone else is trash. Great software, tough learning curve. It will do everything you need. Payroll and all the items subject to it are out of this world. My thumbs up for Procare.

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Thank you!

There was a high call volume so it took a little while, 25 minutes to connect with a person. The Pro Care experience was quick and efficient. The professional was very polite and helpful.

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Very helpful

Michelle was VERY helpful! I was still having problems setting up a general withholding formula even after reading through the book and watching the videos and Michelle took her time and worked with me to get it solved.

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Good not Great

Might want to add the ability to customize some forms; printer chose option need to be added to some printouts, like payroll; MyProcare needs ability to populate enrollment lists and automatic payments; center admins need access to MyProcare website for troubleshooting, etc., for the people who have signed up.

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ProCare Program & Staff

I cant say enough great things about the staff at Pro Care. We had a disaster hit our computer system, which destroyed everything (before we got on Pro Care Cloud), but all of the support tech team, worked overtime on helping us retrieve our data, and I do mean a lot of hours! We couldn’t retrieve all of the data, but I assure you, every effort was made to do so, and that is what meant so much to us. We highly recommend this program and…

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